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In this section the author wishes to introduce the reader to the different locations within the Wilpattu National Park including localities of archeological importance. Legend has it that in 543 BC an Indian Prince by the name of Vijaya landed close to Kudiramalai Point, met a tribal princess weaving thread with cotton, married her and founded the Sinhala race. It is also believed that prince Saliya, son of the well known king Dutugemunu, who married a low cast lady by the name of Asokamala, lived in Maradanmaduwa some 2000 years ago.

Other than the photographs taken by the author of each locality during different times of the year, the notes will include a brief description of the location, how to reach the locality, interesting fauna and flora observed by the author and historical information if it is an Archeological site.

If one or more individual leopards studied by the author are known to inhabit the locality at the time of writing the note the author will include information of any such leopard/s as well.