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The author introdused this section with the intention of developing a common platform for any one to contribute towards the creation of a systematic database of leopard photos from Wilpattu National Park. Pooling the available knowledge through such a database, with accurate information on the location of sightings, will be of immense importance to monitor the leopard population as well as expand our knowledge on many aspects of the ecology of the leopards in the park. Other than helping the author with his study of individual leopards at Wilpattu, which he shares with the public under the link “Leopards of Wilpattu”, creation of such a database will be of great value to the authorities in determining important conservation measures as well.

The photos submitted by each photographer will be displayed under his or her name and the author will have no rights what so ever over these photos.  The ownership and copyrights of all such photos will continue to remain with the photographer. The photos should carry a maximum resolution of 72 dpi and a width of 800-1000px.  It is of great importance to mention the location or describe the locality of the park where your leopard was photographed when submitting any photos to be displayed in this section as well as the date and time. Names given to different locations in the park can be found at the end of the article under the link “ Wilpattu National Park”. Consulting your guide or the jeep driver will be useful as many may not be familiar with names of different locations in the park.

All the photos submitted by each photographer can be accessed on date order by selecting the name of such photographer.

Anyone who is interested in contributing their photos to this site can email them to along with the name of the photographer and the name or description of the location where the leopard was sighted as well as the date and time.