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Aalam Villu  -   N 8 24.092 E 79 57.238
Aalam Villu
Aalam Villu
Aalam Villu
Aalam Villu

This beautiful water body is located about 200 meters from Panikkar Villu on the on the road to Kanjuan Villu.

Spotted Deer and Barking Deer can be commonly seen at this locality. Lone bull Elephants often visit this water body after the rains from October to April to feed on the growth of tender reeds.

In August 2012 I photographed an Indian Nightjar with a tiny immature at this locality.

I have had many sightings of leopards here.  The Aalam Villu Male 1 (AVM 1) was first recorded from this locality and Kombansanchipooval Male 2  (KSPMC 2) was seen on a few occasions.