Leopards of Wilpattu - Guest

This section depicts images and limited information of “new” leopards captured by photographers other than the author at Wilpattu National Park. The author will carefully examine the photos received of such leopards and compare them with the leopards already photographed/studied by him (Leopard of Wilpattu) prior to including them in this section. A leopard in this section will be transferred to the main study group of leopards (Leopard of Wilpattu) if photographed by the author subsequently. The list of sightings for each leopard is updated upon receiving photographic evidence of a sighting. The given name of a leopard is based on the location from where the first sighting is reported to the author. The date and location of sightings of each leopard is provided along with one image. As with all other images in this site they can be enlarged by simply clicking on each photo. The name of the photographer appears at the bottom of each enlarged photo.

The author is extremely grateful to all the photographers who contribute to his study by submitting their images of Leopards from Wilpattu National Park along with accurate information of the location of the sighting.

Ath Hevana Leopard 1
Borupan Pitiya Leopard 1
Borupan Pitiya Leopard 2
Borupan Pitiya Leopard 4
Borupan Wila Leopard 1
Divulgas Mandiya Leopard 2
Divulges Mandiya Leopard 1
Down Hall Pitiya Leopard 1
Downhall pitiya leopard 2
Galge Viharaya Leopard 1
Ibba Wala Leopard 1
Kaali Villu Leopard 1
Kaali Villu Leopard 2
Kaali Villu Leopard 3
Kaali Villu Leopard 4
Kattarambu Villu Leopard 1
Kokkare Villu Leopard 1
Kombansanchapooval Leopard 1
Kone Gaha Ela Leopard 2
Kone Gaha Ela Leopard 3
Koone Gaha Ela Leopard 1
Maha Wewa Leopard 2
Maha Wewa Leopard 4
Maha Wewa Leopard 6
Mahapatessa Leopard 1
Mahapatessa Leopard 2
Mana Wila Leopard 2
Mana Wila Leopard 3
Mara Wila Leopard 1
Maradanmaduwa Leopard 5
Maradanmaduwa Leopard 6
Maradanto Maha Leopard 2
Nelum Wila Leopard 1 ( same litter with NWMC 2 )
Nelum Wila Leopard 2
Nelum Wila Leopard 3
Nelum Wila Leopard 6
Palu Kola Wala Leopard 1
Panikkar Villu Leopard 1
Panikkar Villu Leopard 2
Park Entrance Leopard 1
Park Entrance Leopard 2
Percy Bendi Wewa Leopard 1
Periya Uppu Villu Leoaprd 1
Ranawara pitiya Leopard 1
Tala Wila Leoaprd 2
Tala Wila Leopard 3
Tala Wila Leopard 4
Tala Wila Leopard 5
Thambi Oluwa Leopard 2
Thambioluwa Leopard 3
Thambioluwa Leopard 4
Uththamada Aru Leopard 1
Vilanda Wala Leopard 1
Walas Wala Leopard 1
Weli Ela Leopard – 1