Introduction to the Field Guide Photo Gallery

In this section the author will endeavour to offer guidance to the reader on how best to increase the opportunities of locating and photographing animals at Wilpattu as well as how to act responsibly during the time spent inside the park.

Having categorized the fauna & flora that have been observed and photographed in the park the author has written briefly on each species. When new species are photographed, each category will be updated with write-ups and photos. While these notes will not carry information on identification of species, duplicating what is already published in handbooks and field guides on Sri Lankan flora and fauna, the author wishes to offer the reader information on the geographical distribution of the species, the number of subspecies recognized, behaviour as well as interactions with other species that the author has observed over the years. The notes will also carry information such as the period of the year wild orchids and wild flowers bloom and where they can be observed in Wilpattu as well. As with all the pages of this site, each photograph found here has been captured by the author at Wilpattu National Park. He has also included photographs and a limited amount of information on different locations, archeological sites and habitat types found in the park as well.