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There are 94 species of indigenous mammals recognized in the country of which 21 are endemic. The Wild Buffalo Bubalis bubalis commonly seen in our national parks is categorized as a species introduced to Sri Lanka even though a strong feral population has been established. The above number excludes the 30 species of marine mammals recorded from our territorial waters. ( The National Red List 2012 of Sri Lanka )

The number of species can be categorized as follows;

Pangolins 1, Shrews 10, Bats & Pipistrels 30, Monkeys 3, Loris 2, Jackals 1, Cats 4, Mongoose 4, Otter 1, Bear 1, Palm Cats & Civets 5, Elephant 1, Wild Buffalo 1, Deer 4, Wild Boar 1, Mouse Deer 2, Porcupine 1, Bandicoots, Mice & Rats 15, Flying Squirrels 2, Squirrels 4, Hare 1, Whales & Dolphins 29, Dugong 1


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