Leopards of Wilpattu Photo Gallery

Leopards of Wilpattu

Palu Kola Wala Male 1 - PKWM 1

Locations of sightings

Plau Kola Wala

First Sighting

24th September 2020

  • 24th September 2020 at 4.17pm one Leopard at Palu Kola Wala. N 08.36338, E 080.10028

    It was a male and was lying behind some bushes on the bund across the water at Palu Kola Wala. I got a few shots and drove down to turn the vehicle by which time he had disappeared in to the forest. I estimated its age to be around 6 years. Later upon examining the spot pattern I realized that this is not a leopard that I have photographed. I gave it the code Palu Kola Wala Male 1 (PKWM 1) (with guide Sampath Ananda)

  • Palu Kola Wala Male 1-PKWM 1 - 24th September 2020