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Common Name : White-rumped Munia     -       Scientific Name : Lonchura striata       -       Other Name : White-backed Munia (E), Pita Sudu Weekurulla (S)
Periya Villu
Walas Wala
Walas Wala

This is a common breeding resident found throughout the country except for the higher hills. It is native to tropical Asia but has now become naturalized in some parts of Japan. Five subspecies have been recognized.

  • L.s.striata – Sri Lanka & South India.
  • L.s.acuticauda – Nothern India.
  • L.s.semistriata – Nicobar islands
  • L.s.squamicollis – South Western China.
  • L.s.domestica - Japan

The conservation status of this species is regarded as “Least Concerned” (National Red List 2012).

I have observed this species through out the island up to an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level. The highest altitude at which I have recorded it so far has been at Bandarawela at an attitude of 1316 meters. This active little bird is a quite common even in city of Colombo and visits the feeding table at my home garden at Colombo 08 every day along with Spotted Munias Lonchura punctulata. They love to feed on the Red Raw Rice and the “Bagiri” seeds that I serve them every day. They are quite fond of the ripening paddy and visit such paddy fields in large flocks.

In Wilpattu these birds are quite common in the open fields. I have observed them feeding on grass seeds at Pomparippu, Walas Wala and Periya Villu.