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Common Name : White Jungle Flame     -       Scientific Name : Ixora thwaitesii (Rubiaceae)       -       Other Name : Sudu Rath Mal
Kudapatessa to Kokkare Villu
Kumutu Wila to Manik Wila
Kumutu Wila to Manik Wila
Nelum Wila to Panikkar Villu

This species is found in the dry lowlands, moist and intermediate forested areas up to mid hills. It is native to South India and Sri Lanka.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as Near Threatened (National Red List 2012).

Even though many species of butterfly such as the Blue Mormon, Common Mormon visits these flowers for feeding on the nectar there are no records so far of any butterfly species using this plant as a host plant.

This is not a common species in Wilpattu. I have observed the beautiful flowers of this species during the months of April and May between Kumutu Wila to Manik Wila, from Nelum Wila to Panikkar villu and from Kudapatessa to Kokkare Villu.