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Common Name : Water Snowflake     -       Scientific Name : Nymphoides indica (Menyanthaceae)       -       Other Name : Kumudu, Diya Manel, Olu (S), Banana Plant, Robust Mashwort (E)
Panikkar Villu
Kaali Villu
Tala Wila

This is a very common aquatic plant found in fresh water habitats of the dry lowlands. The plant has a very wide global distribution and is found throughout the tropical areas of the world.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as Least Concerned (National Red List 2012).

This is a tiny aquatic plant has sub merged roots and floating small heart shaped leaves. The petals of its enchanting flowers are covered in small hairs, which gives them a feather like appearance. One of the most breathtaking scenes for a nature lover who visits dry zone tank in the country is to observe water birds such as Cotton Teal swimming through large areas of the water surface covered with these beautiful flowers. This is widely used in the aquatic plant trade to beautify man made ponds and water gardens in the tropics.

The tender leaves and stems of this plant are used in Indian traditional medicine to treat wounds and it is cooked and consumed as curry as well.

This is a very common species in Wilpattu and can be seen in most fresh water bodies.