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Common Name : Termite-hill Gecko     -       Scientific Name : Hemidactylus lankae       -       Other Name : Humbas Huna (S)
Manik Wila

This is an endemic species of Gecko found throughout the dry lowlands and in the intermediate zone of the country.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as Least Concerned (IUCN Red List).

This is a species protected under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance as amended by Act No. 22 of 2009.

I have seen this species at night in most forested areas of the dry zone including all the national parks in the dry zone of the country. Usually they spend the daytime inside a termite hill and appear at night to prey on insects. The bungalows inside national parks will usually have a few well established termite hills in the compound and a careful search at night with the help of a powerful torch will usually result in one being able to spot one or two of these geckos on such termite hills.

In Wilpattu this species is very common and occurs through out the park. However they are rarely observed due to their nocturnal nature. I have seen them at Hunuwilagama, Maradanmaduwa, Tala Wila, and Panikkar villu and at Manik Wila. Photographing them poses quite a challenge, as they would retreat in to the termite hills.