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Common Name : Tanners Cassia     -       Scientific Name : Senna auriculata (Caesalpiniaceae)       -       Other Name : Ranawara (S), Avaram Senna
Borupan Pitiya
Borupan Pitiya
Madangaha Wala

This is an indigenous species that is native to India and Sri Lanka. This species is only found in the dry lowlands of the country. It has been introduced to many countries in Southeast Asia and Africa.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as “Least Concerned” (National Red List 2012).

The dried flowers of “Ranawara” are widely consumed as a substitute for tea in the country and the chopped leaves are commonly used as a vegetable, which is consumed with rice.

Tanners Cassia is very common in all the dry zone areas including the national parks of the country. It is the host plant for the following four species of butterflies. Lemon Migrant, Mottled Emigrant, Ceylon Silverline and Common Silverline. 

It is said that this plant contains a cardiac glycoside.  Its sap, leaves and bark is said to contain tannins. The root is used in decoctions against fever, diabetes, urinary deceases and constipation. The leaves have laxative properties.

In Wilpattu this is a very common species found on most open areas. By November and December most bushes will bear flowers.