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Common Name : Ray Flower     -       Scientific Name : Vicoa indica (Asteraceae)       -       Other Name : Ran Hiriya (S)
Kumutu Villu

This species is also native to West Africa, China, Thailand and India. Its Sinhala name means the sun due to the shape of the flower.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as “Least Concerned”. (National List 2012).

These lively flowers are mainly seen in the northern dry zone forested areas. I have seen them in Mannar, Arippu and in the Jaffna Peninsula.

Extracts of this plant is used as a female contraceptive for woman in the Indian state of Bihar.

In Wilpattu these flowers can be observed at Kali Villu, Kanjuran Villu and Kumutu Villu during the month of June.