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Common Name : Poisonous Passion     -       Scientific Name : Adenia hondala (Passifloraceae)       -       Other Name : Hondala (S)
Kuruttupandi Villu
Kuruttupandi Villu
Kokkare uda para
Illanda Mottai

This is a species of woody climber that is found in the forested areas of India and Sri Lanka. All parts of this plant including the tubers, roots and the bright orange fruits, that resemble the edible passion fruits, are highly poisonous.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as “Least Concerned” (National Red List 2012).

Two species of butterflies, the Ceylon Lace Wing and the Cruiser are known to lay their eggs on this species.

This species is found in the dry lowlands and the low country wet zone. In Ayurveda medicine roots, fruits and tubers of this species are used to treat many ailments including the treatment of snakebite.