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Common Name : Monkey Puzzle     -       Scientific Name : Rathinda amor       -       Other Name : Rathinda (S)
Borupan Wila

This is quite a colourful small butterfly, which belongs to the Lycanidae family. Other than in Sri Lanka it is only found in India. 

The conservation status of this species is regarded as Least Concerned (National Red List 2012).

This is a species protected under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance as amended by Act No. 22 of 2009.

This is not a very fast flying butterfly and is usually found in shady places of the low country forests. The highest altitude at which I have seen it so far has been at the Meemure village in the Knuckles forest reserve at 1310 meters. I have come across this species both in the wet zone forests such as Sinharaja and Morapitiya and in the dry zone at Ritigala and Nilgala. In October 2008 I was pleased to see one individual in my home garden at Colombo. It is a common but a seldom seen butterfly, which is found through out the lowlands.

The females lay eggs on Flame of the Forest Ixora coccinea Flame of the Forest flowers (Rath Mal (S)) they also feed on the tender leaves of Tammenna (S) Mischodon zeylanicus. Both these species are commonly found at Wilpattu.

This butterfly is common in Wilpattu. However due to its small size it can be easily overlooked.  I have seen it many locations through out the park.