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Common Name : Goat Weed     -       Scientific Name : Weed Ageratum conyzoides (Asteraceae)       -       Other Name : Billygoat Weed, Chick Weed, White Weed (E), Hulan Tala (S)
Lunu Wewa

This is an introduced species to the country. Goat Weed is native to tropical America but has been introduced and is now naturalized in tropical Africa, Asia and Australia.

The females of the Great Eggfly, a strikingly beautiful insect, lays its eggs on Goat Weed and the caterpillars that emerge will feed on the tender leaves prior to metamorphosis.

In many cultures doctors practicing traditional medicine use this as a medicinal plant.  Leaves, stem and the roots are used to treat dysentery, fever, rheumatism, headache, colic, wounds, eye problems, uterine disorders and pneumonia.