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Common Name : Eastern Grass Jewel     -       Scientific Name : Freyeria putli       -       Other Name : Palamini (S)
Wilachchiya road

This is a tiny species of butterfly that is most common in the northern dry zone. Other than in Sri Lanka this species is also found in South and Northeast India and Australia. 

The conservation status of this species is regarded as Least Concerned (National Red List 2012).

This is a species protected under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance as amended by Act No. 22 of 2009.

I have seen this species to be common in the Mannar Island, Jaffna peninsula and the Delft Island. I have also seen it at Arankele and Anuradapura. I have not seen it so far in the wet zone.

The host plant of this species is Maha Val Kollu Rhynchosia minima, Nil Avariya Indigofera tinctoria.

In Wilpattu this species can be seen in the northern parts of the park close to Mollikulam, Wilachchiya and Thanthirimale.