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Common Name : Common Paddy Field Frog     -       Scientific Name : Fejervarya limnocharis       -       Other Name : Vel Madiya (S)
Kumbuk Wila

This species is found throughout the lowlands up to an altitude of about 1400 meters. It is also native to India, Thailand, Southern China, Japan, Taiwan, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as Least Concerned (IUCN Red List).

This is one of the commonest frogs in the country and is found both in the dry zone as well as the wet zone. They can be found at localities close to water such as paddy fields, marshes, ponds and water bodies. In the rainy season they are usually found in grasslands during the night. In the dry season these frogs will seldom venture out in to the open and will occupy moist localities close to water or some times lie under decaying logs.

In Wilpattu this is a common species found close to most water bodies. As with all species of frogs the males of this species entice the females to mate with them by their calls. Hundreds of these males calling out in unison contribute to the  frog symphony heard at night, during the rainy season, from the Panikkar Villu bungalow.