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Common Name : Common Lantana     -       Scientific Name : Lantana camara (Verbenaceae)       -       Other Name : Big Sage, Wild Sage (E), Ganda Pana (S)

This is an invasive species that has been introduced to Sri Lanka. This is a species of flowering plant native to Central and South America.

It has spread out of the Americas when it had been brought to Europe by Dutch explorers. It has now become a notorious invasive species in more than 60 countries. This species has the ability to out-compete the more desirable native species of plants leading to a reduction in biodiversity.

In most dry zone and mid country open forested areas and national parks this species has caused much damage to native plant diversity. There are large areas in parks such as Udawalawa, which is exclusively covered with this species.

Fortunately as 70% of Wilpattu comprises of tall forests Lantana is found less frequently inside the park. However there are many bushes that have spread in to the park along the illegal Mannar road.