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Common Name : Coatbuttons     -       Scientific Name : Kurunegala Daisy, Tridax Daisy (E), Wathu Sudu (S)      
Panikkar Villu

This is an introduced species, which has now become extremely common in the lowlands up to mid hills. This plant is native to tropical America’s but has been introduced and now become naturalized worldwide in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions. 

Coatbuttons can be found growing in most open locations and along roads throughout the lowlands including the city of Colombo.

The leaves of this species is used is traditional Ayurveda medicine to treat wounds, ulcers, anal fistula, hemorrhoids and inflammations.

Despite being an invasive weed, its flowers are frequently visited by many species of small butterflies such as the Common Pierrot for nectering.

This is a common species in Wilpattu and is quite common along roads and other locations