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Common Name : Chinese Violet      -       Scientific Name : Asystasia gangetica (Fabaceae)       -       Other Name : Puruk (S)
Panikkar Villu

This is a species, which is found in most tropical Asian and African countries in the world. Two subspecies have been recognized. A.g.gangetica is native to Asia and A.g.micrantha is native to Africa. These species have now been introduced to Australia and tropical America where it has become naturalised.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as Least Concerned. (National List 2012).

A very beautiful species of butterfly known as the Danaid Eggfly lays its eggs on the leaves of this species. I have observed this butterfly at Wilpattu on a few occasions.

I have seen this species at many locations is the dry lowlands. It is common in most dry zone national parks and forested areas.

It is wide spread in Wilpattu and is found at most open places. The flowers can be observed during the months of November to January.