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Common Name : Bush Sorrel     -       Scientific Name : Hibiscus surattensis (Malvaceae)       -       Other Name : Wild Sour (E), Heen Napiritta (S)
Galge Viharaya
Kumbuk Wila

This species is found across the tropical regions of the world. It is common in tropical Africa and tropical Asia. It has been introduced to topical America and is locally naturalized. In Sri Lanka it is a common species throughout the low country. The flowers of Hibiscus furcatus “Na pirittha” also look similar to the flowers of this species but they can be differentiated by the larger size and the formation of the leaves. The leaves of this species are deeply palmate with three to five lobes as depicted in the photographs.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as “Least Concerned”.
(National List 2012).

The leaves of this plant are used in many African countries as a vegetable and also in the treatment of many stomach ailments.

This is common in all out dry zone National Parks and other open scrubland areas.

This is a common species in Wilpattu and is often found in bloom at the forest edges around the villus.