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Common Name : Broad-leaf False Eranthemum     -       Scientific Name : Pseuderanthemum latifolium (Acanthaceae)       -       Other Name : False Eranthemum (E)
Kuda Boralu Wala
Nelum Wila to Panikkar villu
Kuruttupandi junction
Borupan junction
Borupan junction

This is a native species, which grows under the shade of trees in forested areas of the low country dry zone. It is also found India, Bangladesh, Borneo, Cambodia, East Himalaya, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as Near Threatened (National Red List 2012).

This plant is used in traditional siddha medicine to help mothers recover fast from childbirth. The beautiful Autumn Leaf butterfly lays eggs on the leaves of this species.

This is not a commonly seen species in Wilpattu. I have observed flowers of this species in forested shady areas during the month of March and June.