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Common Name : Blue Mist     -       Scientific Name : Memecylon umbellatum (Melastomataceae)       -       Other Name : Kora Kaha (S), Ironwood (E)
Demata Wila
Kuruttupandi Villu to Kumutu Wila
Lunu Wewa
Mahapatessa to Kudapatessa

This is a small tree that is found in India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The conservation status of this species is regarded as “Least Concerned”. (National Red List 2012)

This is a very common species in the dry and intermediate zones and these trees add exceeding beauty to forest roadways during the flowering season as the whole tree becomes covered with bright blue flowers. A yellow dye contained in the leaves of this species is used to colour the robes used by Buddhist monks.

I have seen this species at all the dry zone national parks in the country. Another species Memecylon augustifolium is also known as Kora kaha but it has purplish blue flowers and the leaves are long and slender.

This species is found at most localities in Wilpattu and they bloom from late August until early October.