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Leopards of Wilpattu
Leopards of Wilpattu

Thambi Oluwa Female 1 - TOF 1

Locations of sightings

Thambi Oluwa, Boralu Wala, Ibba Wala

First Sighting

29th June 2012 at 6.25am.

  • 29th June 2012 at 6.25am. As we passed the Thambi Oluwa rocks, my guide Saranga said sir "Kotiya" (leopard). N 8.381583, E 80.063200
    As I stopped the vehicle, a leopard ran across the road about 50m ahead of us and climbed up a tree at great speed. We approached the spot to find a terrified troop of about 15 Grey Langurs making frantic alarm calls at the leopard that was seen right up the tree on very small branches. The hunt was not successful and it had not made a kill. After a few minutes the leopard crossed over to the adjoining "Weera" tree, came down and walked across the road being pursued by the Langurs from the trees. I photographed it and named it TOF 1. The tree that it climbed had a straight trunk of about 50-60 feet without any branches. (With Arritha Wikramanayake and guide Saranga)
  • Thambi Oluwa Female  1-TOF 1 - 29th June 2012 at 6.25am. Thambi Oluwa Female  1-TOF 1 - 29th June 2012 at 6.25am.